Jack or Black by Erena Koopu student at ToihoukuraA weekend trip to the outer reaches of Wellingtonist coverage ended with a cracking visit to Pataka at Porirua and in particular the comprehensive and thought provoking ‘Symbols of Sovereignty‘ series.

Outlining the extraordinary evolution of flags in New Zealand this a series of five exhibitions all with a flag theme:

  • JACK OR BLACK – A New Flag For The Nation?
    until 21st August. Exploring the debate that surrounds the issue of whether or not New Zealand should change its flag. This topical exhibition reaches into the heart of the issue by voicing the feelings of ‘ordinary’ New Zealanders.
    Vote for your favourite from the examples or add your own design to that of others.

  • NIU TIRENI – Paul Thompson
    until 21st August. Flags based on the signs and symbols of nineteenth century Maori flags then photographed in full flight.
    until 11th September. Celebrating the iconic use of flag imagery in contemporary New Zealand art.
    until 11th September. Images by some of New Zealand’s leading documentary photographers depicting flags being used in protest and celebration.
    until 16th October. Evolution of flags throughout New Zealand’s short history

This is a topic that has generated a little heat within Wellingtonista Towers and here’s a few other links we’ve found that have assisted us in our discssions: