Lonesome pineA notice was dropped in our letterbox the other day informing us that the playground in the gardens would be closed for the next 3 weeks or so, while 6 ancient pines were removed.

The council stated that it regretted the need to remove these trees as they were much loved, especially the magnificent specimen that grew right beside the public toilet block. In fact, I know of one local resident who on hearing the news, made a special trip to the tree the day before work began, to give it a hug, having spent many summer afternoons in its shade in her younger days..

And it is gone, just a pile of regal & immense logs lying beside its old spot. It’s impossible not to get a little misty, but the council is right, these trees were getting dangerous, more than one of them has endured quite spectacular storm damage over the last year or two.

The gardeners have however, taken cuttings of these historic trees to ensure the genetic line continues, and intends to plant Norfolk pines, monkey puzzle trees & others to replace them.