wildlifeThe Wellingtonista has been going for a while now, yet there does not seem to be any mention of that unique Wellington institution, the Karori Wildlife Sanctuary, a large fenced-off and predator-free “island” in a valley beside Karori. We must apologise for this lapse.

And make up for it by suggesting an outing this weekend. For Saturday is Lizard Day, one of a series of Saturday events at the Sanctuary (next ones are Pest Day on 24 September and Frog Day on 29 October). It’s meant to be a bit of a family outing where you can find out more about those cute wee beasties that live in your rock gardens and shrubberies. But don’t worry: the Sanctuary people will be bringing some along for you to see up close for yourself in case you don’t spot any in the wild.

We’d love to catch sight of a Harlequin Gecko, but as it’s not native to Wellington it’s rather unlikely. However, the very spectacular-when-seen-by-dim-forest-light Wellington Green Gecko should definitely be on the cards. According to the Sanctuary people, “talks will be held in the Heritage Area between 11am and 2pm [and] there will also be other fun activities happening for kids”.

So, truck up and have a look. And while you are visiting, become a member. That way, you get free entry for the year and a good green vibe thing going on.