As James pointed out yesterday, there’s a lot going on in Wellington at the moment. I don’t know about any of it, because I live in Auckland.

But there is one particular upcoming Wellington event that I am aware of. Tomorrow night, Friday 24 February, much-lauded Wellington-via-Palmerston-North band Cortina will perform at Indigo alongside Disasteradio, The Mysterious Tape Man, and Knife Fight. It’s not just any show – although it never is with Cortina – they’re raising funds for their forthcoming world tour.

Following the December release of their debut album Control Freaks Rule The World, Cortina are shortly taking off overseas to spread their singular brand of space rock. They’ll take in the sights of San Francisco, LA, Texas, Washington DC, and New York, as well as stopping by London and one or two other European locations. If you’re tuning in from those parts, keep an eye on Cortina’s myspace page for details.

Described as “a cross between Ministry and Blondie in the bottom of a swamp”, or alternately as “Chicks On Speed meets ZZ Top”, Cortina tie unpredictable spontaneity with the most accessible of art-forms. Bek’s unique voice (and fashion sense), Dreamboy’s total dreaminess and metal demi-god Ace Hurt’s lead breaks have to be seen to be believed. Go, people – show the love. The world might not give them back.