If you’ve become all festivalled out recently, or, like this Wellingtonista seem to find the whole thing sliding by you without seeming to make any impact despite best intentions otherwise, then take heart: life does continue elsewhere.

For example, this weekend, the suburban environmentalist can get their car’s emissions checked at:

[…] the Westpac Stadium car park on Saturday 18 March, between 10am and 4pm. Your car can have a ‘drive through’ test using NIWA’s high-tech laser air emission equipment. It will give you an instant readout of your car’s exhaust emission levels. This will tell you how clean your car is running, or whether its emissions levels are too high. The check is FREE and should take only a couple of minutes. Entry to the Stadium car park is along Aotea Quay, heading towards the motorway.

Or, if that doesn’t float your boat (it doesn’t really compare to Festival activities, now does it), how about Tuatara Day up at the Karori Wildlife Sanctuary, a.k.a. Jurassic Park?

[…] for a guaranteed encounter with these ancient reptiles, come along to our Tuatara Day on Saturday 18 March. Between 11am and 3pm, visitors will get the opportunity to see and touch these ‘living dinosaurs’. […] There will be a range of activities for all the family, including face-painting, a ‘tuatara teaser’ quiz and sausage sizzle.

It’s all out there to be had, in this city of ours.