Crazy Intersections of our time: #31

the madnessThis week, the stretch of Adelaide Road where it intersects with Britomart Street/Herald Street, and then, a little further up the road, with Luxford Street.

As you can see on our hastily assembled little map on the right there, North-flowing traffic splits into two lanes once it gets past the Britomart/Herald intersection, so right-turning traffic gets its own turning lane into Luxford.

Now, this would work fine if there weren’t a couple of 5 minute parking spots (outside a dairy) in the straight-ahead lane (photo 2). Cars parked in that 5 minute spot (indicated by blue in the graphic) act as a roadblock, so once the turning lane hits a red light, traffic quickly backs up to the point where no-one can actually get into the straight-ahead lane (photo 3).

2THICK2 Spell

According to a Creative New Zealand survey (3.5MB PDF) that was released last night, Wellingtonians are over 50% more likely than the average New Zealander to regularly attend arts events. Census data shows that Wellington City has the highest proportion of households that live without a car. So obviously, Wellington is the natural place to […]

Something 4 the weekend

If you’ve become all festivalled out recently, or, like this Wellingtonista seem to find the whole thing sliding by you without seeming to make any impact despite best intentions otherwise, then take heart: life does continue elsewhere. For example, this weekend, the suburban environmentalist can get their car’s emissions checked at: […] the Westpac Stadium […]

Wellington Speed Traps

So, Wellington’s busiest urban speed camera is situated down Ohiro Road (which, for those unfamiliar with this road, starts down in Aro Valley, works its way up to Brooklyn, the meanders down through Happy Valley to Island Bay). This particular Wellingtonista knows the route well – I’ve been pinged at least four times over the […]

The Coastal Highway and Transmission Gully

The Wellingtonistas received this email yesterday & given the importance of safe & efficent transport routes in & out of the region, we think it’s a good idea to pass it on to our readers to consider, and even make a submission if you so desire. The Coastal Highway and Transmission Gully Dear Wellingtonistas The […]