The Harbour Ward comprising Petone, Korokoro, Seaview, Gracefield and Eastbourne are launching a petition campaign over the next 2 weeks to gauge public support for the transfer of the HARBOUR WARD from Hutt City to Wellington City.

They allege that the Hutt Council has failed in its responsibilities to protect buildings, the parks, and the ageing citizens.

There are public meetings planned;

19th September 8pm Muritai School Hall, Eastbourne

26th September Senior Citizens Hall Silberry Place, off Kensington Street, Petone

From my perspective, I think Hutt Council has allowed some beautiful buildings to be annihilated and replaced with such fabulous structures as Rebel Sports.

I also think that the very witty billboard campaign they have at the moment has got up the noses of many Eastbourne residents (imagine implying Eastbourne residents are snooty – the cheek!), and they are behind this move.

I’d be happy to change to Wellington Council. They have cheaper rates. Plus, we all know that Petone is the Riviera of Wellington.