Recently we asked you where the best places to eat on Lambton Quay are, and naturally, the internet word-of-mouth answered: Kapai Salads in Lambton Square.

There’s plenty of reasons to love Kapai, including:

  • Whānau: Everyone knows someone who knows the owners, hence the mass emails and bulletin board postings about the shop.
  • Mata: Your salad will be freshly made right in front of you, and you will get to choose the ingredients yourself. No droopy lettuce and skanky-ass grated cheese here, no no.
  • Taiao: The soup is served in bowls made out of bread, while salads are served in potatopaks (which you probably wouldn’t want to eat, although technically they’re safe enough to), minimising environmental damage. Plus, the coffee’s fair trade.

We’d like them to offer lists of available ingrediants and make it a little clearer which are the gourmet ones that’ll set you back an extra $1.50, but when you can get a rocquette, falafel and feta salad with aioli in less than five minutes and feel good about doing it, you’ll definitely be going back.