It is with great pride and pleasure that we announce the nominees for the First Annual Wellingtonista Awards for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence.

The Wellingtonista have sweated and slaved over the categories, and now it is your turn for action. Step up and send us your votes before November 30. The awards will be announced in an elaborate* ceremony on Friday December 1 which we would love for you to attend.

Why should you vote? Because your opinion counts. And so that you’ll receive an invitation to the awards. And because you’ll go in to the draw to win awesome prizes, including but not necessarily limited to goodies from Babylicious, signed copies of 101 Stories That I Want To Tell You, tasty salads from Kapai (disclaimer: we wrote nice things about them before they offered up prizes), stunning tshirts, signed photos of The Dropkicks and lifelong Country Club membership.

The categories are after the jump, and nominees are suggestions only – you’re free to write-in your winners.

Please email your votes to the.wellingtonista(at) One vote per person please – we will of course be using scrupulous IP checking and all sorts of technical wizbangadry to prevent cheating (but voting for members of the Wellingtonista in the WWW category may coincidently bump up your chances of winning a spot prize. If we were corruptable. Which we’re not. So please do vote for the best candidate for the job). Feel free to discuss the awards, prizes and ceremonies in the comments section, but no campaigning!

First Annual Wellingtonista Awards for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence


1. When I am not having a martini, I like to drink a:
A. Masique at Boulot
B. Caipirinha at Havana
C. Falling Water at the Matterhorn
D. Beer in a brewery-type bar
E. Other:

2. I spent all my rent money on dinner here, but at least when the bailiffs beat me to death I will die blissfully:
A. Bisque
B. Logan Brown
C. Francois
D. Chameleon
E. Other:

3. I found $20 in my flatmate’s room, so it’ll be dinner at:
A. Sweet Mother’s Kitchen
B. Malaysian anywhere
C. Scopa
D. Burger Fuel
E. Other:

4. When even Winston Peters has gone to bed, the best bar to go to is:
A. San Francisco Bathhouse
B. Good Luck
C. The Welsh Bar
D. Havana
E. Other:

5. Good things happen in the suburbs too, honest – like this place:
A. Maranui Surf Club, Lyall Bay
B. The Chocolate Fish, Seaton
C. Swell Restaurant, Waikanae
D. Go Bang, Petone
E. Other:

6. The Welly solution to a hangover is:
A. Brunch at Fidel’s
B. Coffee, coffee, coffee – and I don’t care where from
C. A brisk swim on the south coast
D. Hair of that bastard dog that bit me
E. Other:

7. The place that’s like, so totally over is:
A. The Matterhorn
B. Dockside
C. Chow
D. Jet
E. Other:

8. The single best thing I’ve had in my mouth all year:


9. How I entertain those from out of town who might not want to drink all day:
A. A trip to Moore Wilson’s
B. The view from Mount Victoria
C. Te Papa
D. Something to do with Peter Jackson
E: Other:

10. My favourite part of town is:
A. Cuba Quarter
B. Courtenay Quarter
C. Willis Quarter
D. Lambton Quarter
E. Other:

11. Wellington most needs:
A. A tiki bar
B. An aquarium
C. Light rail
D. A bypass
E. Other:

12. The event that made me get off my arse the most:
A. Craftwerk
B. Hula Laguna
C. The film festivals (well, off your ass to the movie theatre then back onto it)
D. The Sevens
E. Other:


13. If I wasn’t eating out all the time this is how I’d DIY it food source:
A. Moore Wilson’s Fresh
B. The Mediterranean Warehouse
C. Waitangi markets
D. New World for its unbeatable locations
E. Other:

14. I look good because I am dressed by:

15. You can never buy too much stuff from:


16. Most baddest wickedest evilest supervillan of the year:
A. Kerry Prendergast
B. H. Westfold, Hataitai
C. The fog
D. Lyle Lanley
E. Other:

17. Damn I’m proud you’re from Wellington entertainer(s):
A. The Phoenix Foundation
B. Fat Freddy’s Drop
C. Flight of the Conchords
D. Peter Jackson
E. Other:

18. I love you the mostest Wellingtonian of the year:

19. Best foreign person or group to come to little old Wellingtown
A. Rolling Stones
B. Denzel Washington
C. John Howard
D. Donny Osmond
E. Other:

20. Best dub dub duber- Web-Writing-Wellingtonian


21. If this building was a person, I would be making sweet luuurve to it right now:
A. The Wellington Public Library
B. The Majestic Centre
C. The Embassy Theatre
D. Futuna Chapel
E. Other:

22. My culture fixes are principally delivered by:
A. The Paramount Theatre
B. Slowboat Records
C. Unity Books
D. Magnetix
E. Other:

23. This suburb is so hot right now:
A. Hataitai
B. Island Bay
C. Newtown
D. Petone
E. Other:

24. Forget parking places, the best park is:
A. Midland Park
B. Frank Kitts Park
C. The Botanical Gardens
D. Waitangi Park
E. Other:

25. Best public art:
A. Water Whirler
B. Ferns in Civic Square
C. The Bucket Fountain
D. The alley between Ghuznee St and the Left Bank
E. Other:

26. In 2007 I will resolve to:
A. Visit more art galleries
B. Take public transportation more often
C. Support local businesses instead of chains
D. Learn to enjoy drinking martinis
E. Other:

* After many martinis, everything is elaborate