Flicker (by ruapehupalomino): Carter Observatory, WellingtonDid I miss it, the news, the fact? Did you miss it? Someone forgot to post it on the office notice board at Wellingtonista Towers (off-line and very cork-y) … or did I miss it by being elsewhere?

Anywho … it’s not gonna shut because “they” have decided it’s worth keeping open … but it’s not forever:

The government will give it $2.2 million, but says that will be the last payment it will receive.

The council will contribute $300,000 a year for 10 years, after which the observatory is expected to operate on its own.

Source: Radio NZ: Carter Observatory to stay open

And that’s fine. Now we know.

And what do we (the intelligent people of Wellington) need to do? What do we need to do to move beyond this 10 year boundary.


Ensure the kiddlie-winklies of today and next Tuesday have the same opportunity to step out of “Tuesday” and go, “Wholly fuck!” (or the kiddlie-winkle equivalent)