It has been brought to my attention that “a common complaint … from native Aucklanders when they venture south, or even tourists, is that, after three days in Wellington there is nothing to do”. While the writer of that comment doesn’t agree, looking around the city at the moment, I can see that they may have a point.

After all, once you’ve drunk your fill of Pinot Noir and dressed up like a lunatic to watch fourteen men run around a field, you might find yourself at a loose end. If you don’t like reggae (oh no) or hip hop culture, Asia-Pacific musical fusions, rock music, dance or jazz, then there’s nothing at all to listen to. If joining crowds of noisy young people jumping off things or watching powerboats roaring around the harbour are too raucous for you, yet watching sculptors working in the open air or exploring urban wetlands seem too sedate, then you’re stuck for outdoor entertainment. Once you’ve celebrated Chinese New Year, watched the Dragonboat regatta and joined in the street festivals in Newtown and Cuba St, I suppose it won’t take long to knock off the measly 98 productions at the Fringe. I guess you could always go out eating, drinking and shopping, but that shouldn’t take long even if we do have more bars, restaurants and cafes per capita than New York. Otherwise … nada.