Here we come... walking down the street

The Anti-Smacking Bill? The Child Discipline Bill? I’m not entirely sure what it’s officially called, and in standard tradition, I can’t be bothered looking it up. But you know what I mean.

We get the funniest looks from everyone we meet

We here at the Wellingtonista don’t tend to take sides on important issues, or more accurately, we do, we just bicker amongst ourselves, rather than proclaim it from our hallowed site. Unless Natalie tells us we should.

Hey, hey, we're the monkees And people say we monkey around

Anyway, I watched the scant few hundred people march down Lambton Quay protesting the repeal of Section 59, and an even scanter number tagging along at a discreet distance, protesting against those protesting the repeal of Section 59. No wonder I get confused…

But were too busy singing To put anybody down

Best bit was the Flag Head Guy who ran onto the road & tore up someone’s placard. Two pigs respected policemen ran after & forcably restrained him. I was a few floors up hoping they’d taser the guy, because that’d be pretty neat to blog about with pictures don’t you think?

We go wherever we want to, Do what we like to do

Breaking news! The guy with the flag on his head, was not in fact, just some very naughty boy, he was Jesus, Son of God, so not only did we witness a spirited protest march, but also some civil disobedience from the resurrected Messiah.

Not something you see every day of the week, I think you’ll all agree! Way to go Jesus! Still in trouble with the law I see.

We don't have time to get restless, Theres' always something new.

I gave them a couple of minutes & then tagged along to the Beehive to see if I could get any photos of any Evil Right Wing Bloggers (TM), but all I found was David Farrar. And I failed to get his photo anyway, because I had the camera held high over the crowd & seem to have captured Christine Rankin’s decolletage instead.

Yes, that is she. Lindsay Perigo is over to one side, I’d gone by the time he or anyone spoke though. But I said hello to Rodney Hide as I went & expressed sadness that he & Christine had not seen fit to entertain us with an impromptu foxtrot.

Cripes, Jesus, Christine Rankin, David Farrar, Rodney Hide & Lindsay Perigo all in one day!