The Rules of the Game…except with better-looking chicks and binge drinking”.

Here’s a challenge for you. In an unidentified pub, somewhere in town tonight, the local heats for the New Zealand Rock Paper Scissors (RPS) championship will take place.

At stake is a trip to the national finals (at an unidentified location) in July. The winner of that will attend the world championships in Toronto at some unspecified time later in the year.

The highly (un)informative article (not) detailing all of this is here.

Rock, Paper, Scissors is an ancient game played across the globe from very early in humankind’s history. Yet, it seems to me that in some strange way, RPS is also a sport of the future, indeed, I would not be surprised to see Wii RPS on the market, paving the way for the game to be included in future olympics (we start lobbying next week, depending on how the Kiwi RPS competitors look).

I mean, I’m guessing that this is a beguiling spectator sport (if anyone can find them tonight feel free to confirm that). Particularly if there are going to be hot chicks & binge drinking. It’s darts for the modern age! (Although I’d need someone who knows to confirm whether darts attracts a superior breed of groupies.) But I bet the whole thing is more reminiscent of a darts match say, than a Star Trek convention.

Unless they’re dressing up as Klingons or something, in which case I’ll concede that point.