If you ever talk to me and I can’t hear you, these bands and these songs are probably to blame for the condition of my ears.

  • ‘Deb’s night out’ – Shihad. They might turn the noise up to 11 on other numbers, but this is quieter, more contemplative and all the more powerful and bitter for it.
  • ‘The Lover’ – Fur Patrol. Is there any line more gutting than “This is the lover you left me for and I hope you’re happy now”? I don’t think so. Find it on their first EP Starlifter.
  • ‘The Drinker’ – The Phoenix Foundation. “At the bottom of the bottle you can wipe your conscience clean” – and lord knows the Wellingtonista try that, although for us it should be “At the bottom of the pineapple…”
  • ‘And the truth faded into dust’ – The Dukes of Leisure. Get your sonic noise on. Best heard at the planeterium for maximum impact.
  • ‘I’m on fire’ – Head like a Hole. Normally it’s the Phoenix Foundation who get all The Boss up on us, but this cover is just perfect, from Booga’s sleaze, to the wig-out at the end, and the video that featured them playing on the roof ala U2, with the old Channel Z Carhoona driving around below.