The handy pocket-sized version of Webstock returns to Wellington on Tuesday next week. You might think it’s all for uber nerds and super geeks, but you would be wrong.

In fact, research just in has shown that attending Webstock Minis has been scientifically proven to make you more interesting, better-looking and all round more desirable. And, honestly, that’s regardless of how much you drink!

For your ticket price you can learn about some cool things like Second Life, the upcoming version of Firefox and all you can eat and drink.

The whole thing winds up with a debate entitled “Web 2.0 is all fizz and no substance”. Mike Brown, Sandy Mamoli and┬áMark Cubey will uphold the proposition against Philip Fierlinger, Brenda Leeuwenberg and Che Tibby.

We are fully in the negative camp, because the team features one of our newest Wellingtonistas, Che Tibby.

Register for Webstock Mini: