Political Cuts

by Sue Tyler September 2, 2014

Every second store I pass seems to be a Pop-Up Shop of one kind or another, but Political Cuts is something brings a different spin to the idea. When you pop along to 101 Wakefield Street this week (like a true Pop-Up Political Cuts is only around for a week) you’ll discover a salon offering […]

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Music vs Art = Open City

by Robyn October 13, 2010

City Gallery is currently exhibiting Roundabout, a major collection of bold, bright and wicked-as works from emerging artists from around the world. It’s well worth a visit. Part of Roundabout is 48,000 Revolutions, a piece by Flying Nun founder Roger Shepherd. He’s selected 24 hours worth of songs, which randomly play. There is also – and […]

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Pecha Kucha Dontcha Know

by Martha Craig July 3, 2007

The first Wellington Pecha Kucha night is being held this Thursday, 5th July at Hope Bros.

It is a format for creative talks restricting each speaker to 400 seconds, comprising 20 slides shown for 20 seconds each. Some more info at the esteemable Wikipedia .

Audience spaces are limited – by all accounts the Auckland event was a blast – and tickets cost 7 clams.

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Webstock Mini

by Sue Tyler June 7, 2007

The handy pocket-sized version of Webstock returns to Wellington on Tuesday next week. You might think it’s all for uber nerds and super geeks, but you would be wrong.

In fact, research just in has shown that attending Webstock Minis has been scientifically proven to make you more interesting, better-looking and all round more desirable. And, honestly, that’s regardless of how much you drink!

For your ticket price you can learn about some cool things like Second Life, the upcoming version of Firefox and all you can eat and drink.

The whole thing winds up with a debate entitled “Web 2.0 is all fizz and no substance”. Mike Brown, Sandy Mamoli and
Mark Cubey will uphold the proposition against Philip Fierlinger, Brenda Leeuwenberg and Che Tibby.

We are fully in the negative camp, because the team features one of our newest Wellingtonistas, Che Tibby.

Register for Webstock Mini:

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Webstock Mini

by Alan March 7, 2007

Webstock Mini was last night, and for those that weren’t there: sorry. You missed out on a treat.

There was a room full of smart, cool, clever and passionate people; a couple of very interesting headline speakers: Rod Drury on User Centred Design as applied to both Aftermail and; and Peter Gutmann on the ludicrous but for real Copyright Amendment Bill [PDF, 1.4Mb] (get submitting – there’s a couple days left); and later, ten others for two minutes each on “How the Internet changed my life”, interpreted rather loosely but very entertainingly.

We were there too: or more correctly 40% of the Wellingtonista collective (because you can’t be called a Wellingtonista and not belong to a collective, right? It goes with the faux left-wing chic of our name, you know). And we had lots to think about. Especially the one of us that was speaking.

Others have already written about last night in a much more structured way. Rather than reinvent the wheel, we’ll link to them instead.

Phewf, that was easy. And a good use of the internet, too.

And then we’ll resort to namechecking William Burroughs as a pathetic excuse for dumping the pooled thoughts of this 40% randomly as follows:

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More web events = more stalking

by Joanna February 28, 2007

So, remember how much fun we all had at The Great Blend? Or how much of a crush you have on Martha? How about you combind those two things into one event and come to Webstock Mini on Tuesday night? There are, after all, few venues nicer than the Paramount, and if it’s good enough for the Queen of the Bloggers to pay her own administration fee rather than trying to do the paperwork for the Wellingtonista to cover the $75 cost (it’s amazing how quickly the thoughts of an open bar will get her to pony up), it should be good enough for you too.

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Idea city

by Tom April 5, 2006

Who says that Wellington is devoid of intellectual debate? Certainly not the people behind the 7×7 Ideas Forums, who organise regular presentations where 7 people each get 7 minutes to promote, demonstrate and discuss their ideas. There’s no indication on their website of who will be speaking during this series, but the previous series (some […]

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