Webstock Mini was last night, and for those that weren’t there: sorry. You missed out on a treat.

There was a room full of smart, cool, clever and passionate people; a couple of very interesting headline speakers: Rod Drury on User Centred Design as applied to both Aftermail and Xero.com; and Peter Gutmann on the ludicrous but for real Copyright Amendment Bill [PDF, 1.4Mb] (get submitting – there’s a couple days left); and later, ten others for two minutes each on “How the Internet changed my life”, interpreted rather loosely but very entertainingly.

We were there too: or more correctly 40% of the Wellingtonista collective (because you can’t be called a Wellingtonista and not belong to a collective, right? It goes with the faux left-wing chic of our name, you know). And we had lots to think about. Especially the one of us that was speaking.

Others have already written about last night in a much more structured way. Rather than reinvent the wheel, we’ll link to them instead.

Phewf, that was easy. And a good use of the internet, too.

And then we’ll resort to namechecking William Burroughs as a pathetic excuse for dumping the pooled thoughts of this 40% randomly as follows:

  • that’s a total of four people i’ve just met in the flesh that previously i’d only had email or blog comment communication with
  • did she just say that? a bit patronising eh?
  • all these lovely people, and the fact that they ALL know and love the Wellingtonista – cool!
  • so geeky stuff can save lives
  • where are those zucchini thingys? because frankly i never knew vegetables could taste so yummy
  • also, that question was TOTALLY a plant!
  • that’s good because really i am yet at that power wielding way but soon my friends soon *** i wish i was that excited about what i do for a crust
  • and here’s a long lost acquaintance
  • how would i do two minutes on that… i know…
  • martha mentioned me
  • was it just me or was EVERYONE talking about Craft2.0? *** where are the single boys?
  • that Bennett’s 4-seasons beer is yum – i’ll get another
  • there’s the reason why lightning strikes several times in the same spot
  • you guys are like naughty school kids!
  • can we use that for the Wellingtonista accounts? where’s the beta signup?
  • how can you not love an open bar?
  • i feel so old now. i started using the internet when she was four
  • and a flickr exhibition on thursday night
  • yeah he’s a man, sort of
  • i love wellington

Don’t miss the next one.