UPDATE: How Much Do You Love Me? is also playing at the Lighthouse in Petone.

Ocean's 13 posterThis week’s blockbuster is the third installment in the Pitt/ Clooney/ Damon/ Soderbergh smug-fest, Ocean’s 13. This time the 11 from the first picture are joined by Ellen Barkin and Mr Hoo-Haa himself, Al Pacino. Diminishing returns? You be the judge at Readings, Sky City Queensgate, Penthouse or Empire Island Bay.

More down-to-earth is the messed-up Aussie no-budget romance Puppy (Paramount), described as a “weird and wonderful journey”. Another messed-up romance starts Thursday at the Paramount: How Much Do You Love Me? stars Monica Belluci as a prostitute who gets paid 100,00 euros a month to live with a lottery winner – until the money runs out. Also starring Gérard Depardieu.

Bridge to Terabithia, Pierrepoint, Scenes of a Sexual Nature and Off the Grid – after the jump.

More family-friendly is Bridge to Terabithia, based on the kids’ book. Shot here in New Zild and with kid actors coached by Miranda Harcourt it could be just the ticket if Saturday turns rainy (Readings, Penthouse, Queensgate and Empire).

Rialto opens two small-scale British pictures: Pierrepoint stars the unimpeachable Timothy Spall in the true story of Britain’s last official hangman. Scenes of a Sexual Nature is an ensemble piece about a disparate group of Londoners enjoying the sunshine on Hampstead Heath. Not surprisingly, thoughts turn to matters of the flesh. Ewen MacGregor leads and a distinguished group of English luvvies follow.

More like a travelogue but worthy of mention all the same is the latest Warren Miller snow film Off the Grid which plays two nights only at the Paramount from Thursday. Reviews for all of the above (except the Miller) will appear next Wednesday at Funerals & Snakes and, in old-fashioned dead-tree format, in the Capital Times on the same day.