WQL logoSo, tonight was the inaugural round of the WQL, and I reckon it went quite well, really. Quiztron and the M-Team were no-shows (I understand why the M-Team weren’t there, but I really missed Quiztron), so if they can make it next week they’ll start out with the same points as the lowest-scoring team tonight. Which happened to be the Alohas, even though they got a bonus point for their costumes (dude, they all totally got lei’ed). Silverstripe almost lost a point because Matt tried to make me cry (I can’t remember the context, except that they kept trying to sit at our table), but ultimately they earned a bonus point for their can-can.

Points so far:

  • Alohas: 61
  • Click Suite: 71.5
  • Silverstripe: 64
  • Quizingtonista: 85
  • Xero: 69

Woo haa! Stayed tuned for the announcement of next week’s venue. If you want to join us, let me know, you’ll be starting out on 60.