WQL Results: Round Three

So, a lot of stupid decisions were made last night. Over a pre-quiz dinner at Tulsi, the Wellingtonista thought that as well as drinking the wine they’d won at the Bristol last week, it was a good idea to drink two cans each of Kingfisher Strong, and then build a tower out of the cans. We’re paying the price for that today. Then, deciding to do the quiz at JJ Murphy’s was also a stupid idea, because it took forever. And most stupidly at all, we forgot that when you do anything with hubris, there’s that whole pride goes before a fall thing, and so Xero beat us. By one point! Oh god, the humanity. Silverstripe, the Alohas and the M team all get 69 points since they weren’t there (why oh why do you hate us so, Silverstripe?). So the scores look like this:

Alohas: 209
Click Suite: 213.5
M Team: 201
Silverstripe: 205
Wellingtonista: 264
Xero: 227

Wellingtonista Quiz League results: Round two

WQL logoLast night the WQL hit the Bristol, where the quiz had the advantage of ever-so high tech computer graphics on screen, and the opportunity to win an ice machine and waffle-maker in the jackpot draw, but the disadvantage of a quiz master who refused to pronounce ‘Quizingtonista’ properly. Because we couldn’t book, the bar was stupidly full, but luckily ClickSuite are bolshy enough to ask people to leave to give them tables. The Alohas were wearing their leis again, but didn’t get extra points for them this time. The M team almost lost points for trying to steal one of our players (we swear that most of them were purely ornamental!) but escaped because it was lovely to meet the Americans for the first time. But you know, if I wasn’t so damn hubristic and full of myself, I’d be starting to worry that I smell bad or something because neither Silverstripe nor Xero showed up for quiz last night. So we’ll award them 72 points each, and I will comfort myself with the bar tabs that we keep winning.

Points so far:

  • Alohas: 140
  • Click Suite: 144.5
  • M: 132
  • Silverstripe: 136
  • Quizingtonista: 179
  • Xero: 141

So it’s looking like a pretty close game right now, and anyone could take out second and third places…

Wellingtonista Quiz League results: Round one

WQL logoSo, tonight was the inaugural round of the WQL, and I reckon it went quite well, really. Quiztron and the M-Team were no-shows (I understand why the M-Team weren’t there, but I really missed Quiztron), so if they can make it next week they’ll start out with the same points as the lowest-scoring team tonight. Which happened to be the Alohas, even though they got a bonus point for their costumes (dude, they all totally got lei’ed). Silverstripe almost lost a point because Matt tried to make me cry (I can’t remember the context, except that they kept trying to sit at our table), but ultimately they earned a bonus point for their can-can.

Points so far:

  • Alohas: 61
  • Click Suite: 71.5
  • Silverstripe: 64
  • Quizingtonista: 85
  • Xero: 69

Woo haa! Stayed tuned for the announcement of next week’s venue. If you want to join us, let me know, you’ll be starting out on 60.

Announcing the Wellingtonista Quiz League

It’s oooooooooooooon! We are very happy to present you with a starting date for the Wellingtonista Quiz League – Tuesday July 24. We’d love you to participate. Not only will you get to flex your brain muscles and check out the quiz nights at four different pubs, but you’ll also get to network with likeminded people and have a lot of fun. So now you need to find yourself three friends, send us an email to wellingtonista @ gmail.com or leave us a comment here with your team name, and sign up to the mailing list for Quiz League announcements which may look suspiciously like the Bowling League mailing list. We’ll let you know which inner-city pub we’re starting at closer to the time.

After the break, the rules. Any questions?

Early warning: The Wellingtonista Quiz League

I’ve been rather quiet on the Wellingtonista front (well, for me anyway) because I’ve been busy finishing up my contract and looking for a new job (anyone who knows of a new home for a person with tremendous writing, editing and communication skills who knows the internets like the back of her hand should get in touch), but when I come back from a tropical holiday, the Wellingtonista will be very very excited to announce the start of the Wellingtonista Quiz League.

This will be held a different inner-city pub each week on Tuesday night for four weeks, and point totals is what you’re after. So start assembling your team of four now, and look out for more details in the second week of July.

You will want to enter this, no one who participated in the Bowling League regretted it, and I’m sure they would happily furnish you with testmonials about the awesomeness that is participating in a Wellingtonista event!