WQL logoLast night the WQL hit the Bristol, where the quiz had the advantage of ever-so high tech computer graphics on screen, and the opportunity to win an ice machine and waffle-maker in the jackpot draw, but the disadvantage of a quiz master who refused to pronounce ‘Quizingtonista’ properly. Because we couldn’t book, the bar was stupidly full, but luckily ClickSuite are bolshy enough to ask people to leave to give them tables. The Alohas were wearing their leis again, but didn’t get extra points for them this time. The M team almost lost points for trying to steal one of our players (we swear that most of them were purely ornamental!) but escaped because it was lovely to meet the Americans for the first time. But you know, if I wasn’t so damn hubristic and full of myself, I’d be starting to worry that I smell bad or something because neither Silverstripe nor Xero showed up for quiz last night. So we’ll award them 72 points each, and I will comfort myself with the bar tabs that we keep winning.

Points so far:

  • Alohas: 140
  • Click Suite: 144.5
  • M: 132
  • Silverstripe: 136
  • Quizingtonista: 179
  • Xero: 141

So it’s looking like a pretty close game right now, and anyone could take out second and third places…