It’s oooooooooooooon! We are very happy to present you with a starting date for the Wellingtonista Quiz League – Tuesday July 24. We’d love you to participate. Not only will you get to flex your brain muscles and check out the quiz nights at four different pubs, but you’ll also get to network with likeminded people and have a lot of fun. So now you need to find yourself three friends, send us an email to or leave us a comment here with your team name, and sign up to the mailing list for Quiz League announcements which may look suspiciously like the Bowling League mailing list. We’ll let you know which inner-city pub we’re starting at closer to the time.

After the break, the rules. Any questions?

The rules
1. League points will be based on the points earned at each quiz night. Random points may be awarded on the night to make things more interesting.

2. Your team doesn’t have to be constant, and you may have one or two floozies with you on the night if you need, but they must be purely eye-candy and not brains.

3. We’ll book your table for you, but we recommend showing up a good while before the quiz starts in order to get properly lubricated.

4. As the quiz organiser is currently between jobs, extra league points may be awarded to anyone who buys her drinks and/or finds her a new job.