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WQL Results: Round Three

by Joanna on August 8, 2007 in Events, Wellingtonista

So, a lot of stupid decisions were made last night. Over a pre-quiz dinner at Tulsi, the Wellingtonista thought that as well as drinking the wine they’d won at the Bristol last week, it was a good idea to drink two cans each of Kingfisher Strong, and then build a tower out of the cans. We’re paying the price for that today. Then, deciding to do the quiz at JJ Murphy’s was also a stupid idea, because it took forever. And most stupidly at all, we forgot that when you do anything with hubris, there’s that whole pride goes before a fall thing, and so Xero beat us. By one point! Oh god, the humanity. Silverstripe, the Alohas and the M team all get 69 points since they weren’t there (why oh why do you hate us so, Silverstripe?). So the scores look like this:

Alohas: 209
Click Suite: 213.5
M Team: 201
Silverstripe: 205
Wellingtonista: 264
Xero: 227

Joanna McLeod

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