Breach posterThe industry is in an interesting state when a relatively small film like Breach can get a release at Readings and the Paramount across the road – and also at the suburban Empire and Lighthouse. Made and distributed in the US by major studio Universal, here it is being distributed by independent Rialto (no longer connected to the cinema chain), hence all the indie exhibitors. My understanding is that Readings, however, want everything and will simply hoover up any and all available titles and no one can afford to turn them down.

Breach is based on the true story of a CIA double-agent played by Chris Cooper and his ultimate exposure by ex-Mr Witherspoon Ryan Phillippe and one Imdb contributor calls it “the best of the year to date” although the comment was made in February…

Taika Waititi’s Eagle vs Shark goes on wide release this week (Rialto, Queensgate, Lighthouse Petone and I’m guessing Readings though the website doesn’t mention it at time of writing).

Following previews last weekend Sicko, Michael Moore’s exposé of the American health care system (conclusion: none of those three words should apply) opens at Readings; Penthouse; Rialto, Lighthouse Petone and Sky City Queensgate.

German arthouse hit Mostly Martha gets the Hollywood treatment with No Reservations, starring Catherine Zeta-Jones, the inexplicably popular Aaron Eckhart and Little Miss Sunshine’s Abigail Breslin as the little kid. I’d really like Che to do a kitchen-reality review of this one.

Eagle vs Shark and Sicko are reviewed here, and reviews of the other two will appear next Wednesday at Funerals & Snakes and in print in the Capital Times on the same day.