The Tattooist posterA fairly insane week for new releases is headed by NZ horror-feature The Tattooist, about Samoan tattoos that take on a life of their own and turn their owners into blood-thirsty zombies – or something like that: Readings and Sky City Queensgate only.

Also Readings and Queensgate is Sandra Bullock’s new mystery Premonition about a woman who may have foreseen her husband’s death in a car accident. I get to see this one tomorrow but the 8% rating on the Tomatometer doesn’t fill me with enthusiasm.

[Remaining new releases listed after the jump.]

The second, and better, of the two Capote movies from 2006 – Infamous – returns a month earlier than expected from the World Cinema Showcase. This time around the legendary author is played by Englishman Toby Jones. Infamous is playing the Empire in Island Bay.

The Paramount has two exclusives opening this Thursday: Day Watch is the sequel to the surprise international hit Night Watch. Rumours that the third in the trilogy is going to be called Crime Watch are sadly unfounded. A Crude Awakening is yet another enviro-doc and the thesis is that we are running out of oil which is a bad thing for both society and geology.

Cheapy Euro-co-pro Joy Division opens at Rialto: a boy is conscripted into Hitler’s children’s army to fight off the Russians; fails; is trained by the KGB and ends up spying in London in the 60s. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? In reality, not so much.

Finally, there are previews for Pixar’s new smash Ratatouille at Readings and Queensgate, and indie charmer Waitress (which has a trailer that makes me laugh out loud every time I see it) at Empire, Lighthouse Petone and Penthouse.

Not opening this week (I was misinformed) is transcendent documentary Deep Water. Sorry.

Day Watch and Joy Division have already been reviewed at Funerals & Snakes and the rest will get there in due course.