This ia friendly public service announcement that the object of much lust is the subject of a documentary about his being such an object of lust that screens tomorrow night on Prime at 8.30pm. According to the IMDB entry, Frodo Is Great… Who Is That?!!,

The documentary looks at the rise to celebrity status of NZ actor and musician Bret McKenzie, who appeared for 3 seconds as an extra in “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring”, during the Council of Elrond scene. His brief appearance sparked a huge internet fan-base dedicated to his “brooding pout” and “elvish good looks”. McKenzie has been dubbed “FIGWIT”, an acronym of “Frodo is Great; Who is That!!?”

So that’s probably quite a nice warmup to when Flight of the Conchords finally start screening here on the 17th.