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You know that we love Zoomin technology. And that we love talented people from and/or in Wellington. And that we love gossip. And that we love Gawker Stalker. Well, now we’ve gone all Web2.0 on you and brought all those elements together to create the Wellingtonista Celeb Vista. Join it and add your celeb sightings and stories to the map. To boost our search results for everyone looking for Flight of the Conchords get things started, find out where Bret McKenzie does his grocery shopping…
Easy instructions on how to participate follow after the jump

1. Login in to Zoomin. If you’re not already a member, you should become one. It’s easy and free.
2. Join the Wellingtonista Celeb Vista group by visiting its page, and selecting ‘Join this group’ under members.
3. Search for the location of your sighting by typing in the address to the search bar.
4. From the results list, click on the address (not the “full details” link), which’ll bring up an “add place” link
5. Click that to bring up the Add Place dialogue. Call it something like “Figwit sighting”, add a description of the sighting and maybe some tags
6. That’ll take you to a new place page at that address. Add photos (proper stalkerazzi photos, or something grabbed from the net – copyright free preferred, though), and add it to the group.