2007 AWAs Photos

Yeah, that’s our boy Hadyn hangin’ with Giovanni Ribisi at last week’s AWAs held at the mighty Mighty Mighty. Flight of the Conchord‘s Bret was there as well, to accept the Wellingtonian of the Year award, and Blam Blam Blam played and were awesome.

Oh yes, the Trendy Urban Class* were out in force to celebrate all that is good (and a little bad) about our fair city at last week’s Annual Wellingtonista Awards.

For more photos, head over here, where official photographer Mike has uploaded his pix from the evening.

* © Dominion Post.

Sleb Sitings – Dan Carter – Mercer Street

Woohoo – if we’re not mistaken there are two male underwear models in town.

Dan & Friends

No idea where Mark Wahlberg can be found, but Dan Carter can be spotted today at his very own store in Mercer Street. We think it might be called GAS or something.

Story here, at Stuff.co.nz

Wellingtonista Celeb Vista: Figwit shops!

You know that we love Zoomin technology. And that we love talented people from and/or in Wellington. And that we love gossip. And that we love Gawker Stalker. Well, now we’ve gone all Web2.0 on you and brought all those elements together to create the Wellingtonista Celeb Vista. Join it and add your celeb sightings and stories to the map. To boost our search results for everyone looking for Flight of the Conchords get things started, find out where Bret McKenzie does his grocery shopping…
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Spotted Around Town

Dominic MonaghanA reliable informant tells me that former hobbit and tv star Dominic Monaghan is in town, spotted browsing the fine fare at Whitcoulls in Courtenay Central.

I wonder whether he’ll be around long enough to have Sunday brunch at Fidel’s like the old days.