Here are the nominees for the Best Local Coffee Beans category for the 2nd Annual Wellingtonista Awards (2AWA)

Hook it straight into my vein:

The Women’s Petition Against Coffee, in 1674, declared:

Only a Pimp to the Tavern, a relishing soop preparative to a fresh debauch: For when people have swill’d themelves with a morning draught of more Ale than brewers horse can carry, hither they come for a pennyworth of Settle-brain . . . and after an hours impertinent Chat, begin to consider a bottle of Claret would do excellent well before Dinner; whereupon to the Bush they all march together, till every one of them is Drunk as a Drum, and then back again to the Coffee-House to drink themselves sober.

We, on the other hand, don’t say anything at all until we’ve had our daily fix. It’s Wellington, it’s coffee that pumps through our hearts and our minds thicker than blood.

(nominees after the jump)

A. Ripe

How can you not love Ripe, their coffee is a lovely mellow blend that makes you feel all dreamy. They’ve only been around since 2002, but it’s quite stunning how many places stock them. If you drink coffee in the Hutt and Petone, you drink Ripe. Their cutie Zoom Coffee to-go spots are making a dent in the Fuel empire and hardened coffee fans are even known to travel into the misty realms of Moera to visit their roasting empire.

B. Havana

Deluxe cupHavana is pretty much the epitome of Cuba St, and that’s a very central part of the life of the Wellingtonista. Try to imagine Wellington icons Midnight Espresso, Deluxe, the Maranui Surf Cafe and Havana Bar – not to mention Fidel’s and Ernesto without Havana beans and it’s likely you’ll give yourself a serious brain injury.

C. Mojo

Flat White, Mojo State Insurance BuildingMojo seems set to become the new Starbucks, but one that’s actually really really tasty, and one that’s really really sexy. We appreciate that their stores vary in design to suit their environments, and that their baristas are so expertly trained we’ve never had a bad coffee anywhere that carries the Mojo label.

D. Peoples coffee

Despite their apostrophe catastrophe, we really dig on the fact that Peoples supplies fairtrade coffee. It’s the brand of choice for environmentally-friendly Kapai, and it’s a way to make yourself feel like a good human being. It’s smugness in a cup!

E. Supreme

We love the Supreme cards with tips on the back (Hiccup remedies, remembering names and so forth) The artwork on the cards is really cool. Some of the Wellingtonistas have their morning cup at the Factory on Hopper St nearly every day. And Supreme offer a Fair Trade blend as well.

For a handy map of the roasteries of these nominees, use the “bestcoffeebeans” tag on Zoomin. Get yourself caffeinated before voting opens on November 19.