Remember how when you were growing up you were always told that breakfast was the most important meal of the day? Well it seems like these cafes agree. Whether you’re up and about and planning a big day, or you’ve managed to drag yourself out of bed some time in the afternoon, a plate full of goodness from one of these places is probably exactly what you need.

The Welly solution to a hangover is:

Time to get out of bed and get to these places, after the jump…

A. Sweet Mother’s Kitchen

Mother’s has sweet beignets or toasted bacon & egg po’ boys to help start your day the N’Awlins way. For something more substantial, chilli beef beans on toast is a hangover cure par excellence, and if you just can’t go past eggs at brunchtime, then the “Eggsadilla” or classic huevos rancheros will satisfy your cravings for yolky goodness. But the one thing that gets ex-pat Texans queuing up in Courtenay Place is the breakfast burrito: eggs, beans and cheese all wrapped up in a tortilla and smothered with salsa and guacamole.

B. Scopa

Scrambled eggs can often be a tad bland, but Scopa gives them a kick in the pants to become Abruzzo scrambled eggs. Eggs are good, but eggs with basil, black olives, chopped tomatoes and chili are very, very good. Or how about something as plebeian as sausages and beans, the mainstay of greasy spoon caffs everywhere? Scopa transforms this dish by using rich, spicy Italian sausages instead of the usual mystery meat. And the beans aren’t just plonked out of a Watties can: they’re giant, tender Florentine beans, cooked slowly in a rich tomato and herb sauce.

C. Matterhorn

The Ho’ does an absolutely amazing breakfast that can be summed up in two words: cheesey hashbrowns. Imagine the creamiest mash potatoes mixed with cheese and then dolloped into hot oil and fried until crispy but still liquid inside, oh yeah, I’m totally there.

If fried ain’t your thing then don’t worry you can the “Lovely bit of Fish”, wonderful eggs, or even a Bloody Mary – or perhaps a Flamining Mega Maitai. And in winter the fire is just so damn cozy you’ll feel like turning up in your jim-jams.

D. Roxy Cafe

When most people hear of Roxy cafe they think: “Where?”. Roxy has occupied the space vacated by the Purple Onion and the short-lived Argentinean cafe for a while now and, just quietly, the food is pretty good.

The Big Breakfast (the only type to be ordered after a night of dubious activities) contains the usual: eggs; toast; sausages; bacon; tomato and hashbrowns. But like Scopa they choose different items for these staple entries. The Sausages are pork and fennel from Island Bay. The hashbrowns are homemade. The weakest part is the toast, and the occasionally very slow service.

E. Epic

Epic, oh Epic! For how many years now have you been squirreling away in your little corner of the world, there behind the weird wall relief on the Pearse building, there on your major intersection, there within handy reach of New Bodega, Le Moulin, the Prostitute Collective, the needle-exchange, the Sunday market and hundreds of hungry, needy first-year freshers; there, with your café-art of variable quality, your huge comfy benches, your balcony bathed in delicious sun, turning out the biggest, juiciest breakfasts, the fantastic coffees, the omelettes which defy description, the implausible chorizo, the fruit compotes and your gargantuan savoury muffins? Oh Epic, we could write a freakin’ book. And don’t get us started on your two-fer-one breakfasts on Tuesdays, and your absurdly attractive staff. Oh Epic… won’t you be ours?

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