The Wellingtonista has a calendar of events that we think you really REALLY want to know about. We also know that you want this vital information delivered into your own calendar – easy peasy, just follow the instructions after the break …

6 steps to adding the Wellingtonista to your Google Calendar

  1. Go to your Google Calendar (
  2. Click the ‘Manage calendars’ link – bottom left of the current calendar list (which might only be one, yours)
  3. Click the ‘Add calendar’ button – bottom of the list of current “Other calendars”
  4. Make sure you’re in the “Search Public Calendars” tab
  5. Enter wellingtonista and push the ‘Search’ button
  6. There it is – click the ‘Add Calendar’ button

How to add to other calendar systems

If you are lucky enough to be running an iCal (huh?) calendar system, such as Microsoft Office 2007+, you can subscribe to the Wellingtonista calendar using our Google Calendar iCal feed

Finally, there is an RSS feed of the calendar events. I don’t think they get published in a calendar way (i.e, on the date the event is due) but rather as new events are added deep from within Wellingtonista Towers.