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James Smith Market’s Float Well offers submersion into a space that’s been a site for relaxation, meditation, and consciousness-experimentation throughout the 20th Century. The Wellingtonista takes a dip.

In Ken Russell’s barmy 1980 sci-fi thriller Altered States, William Hurt plays a psychologist whose hunger for third-eye-candy takes him on drug trips, indigenous vision-quests, and ultimately into the pitch-black silence of a sensory-deprivation tank. Here the film — ostensibly based on real-life research — has Hurt’s character do battle with his innermost self, succumbing to the ravages of his own id. He devolves — it can’t be overstated, this film claims its origins in the reality of academically sanctioned research — into first a murderous caveman, and ultimately a raging cloud of pure malevolent electricity. Spoiler!: he throws it all away when he realises he’s heading to a state of being wherein he can’t fuck no more. Keep reading →


Dinner at Giddy-Up

by Alan on October 15, 2016 in Food & Drink

The Wellingtonista got invited along to try out some of the dishes and have a beer at the Giddy-Up Mussel Bar, tucked away on Manners Street opposite Arty Bees bookshop. It sounded like a nice place to try out for a Friday evening dinner, so I took up the invitation and went there with my family recently.

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Featuring lead vocalist Moana Ete, and accompanied by the rhythm section of Slade Butler and Marcus Gurtner  A Girl Named Mo debuted ‘Mud & Stardust‘ during Fly my Pretties’ August shows. A cool mix of R&B + electronic and one of the prettiest songs I’ve listened to for a while.

Each performance will be recorded live, with the recordings to be released as a live album in December.


Shot Bro – confessions of a depressed bullet

A black comedy about a real life fight with depression, performed by multiple award-winning actor, Rob Mokaraka. It’s a mix of stand-up comedy, expert dance moves, mime and puppetry.  The show discusses Mokaraka’s experience with depression, suicide and hope, so please take this into consideration when you go. It’s entertaining and educational. (It left me ugly crying in my seat while everyone else was on their feet for a standing ovation so your mileage may vary.)

There’s a forum after the show and I encourage you to stay for it to share your stories, listen to others, and support each other.

The team are also doing KAI FOR CASH:  Bring a homemade kai to share with the audience and see the show for free!  Limit of ten free tickets per show so get in quick.

  • Shot Bro, on at BATS Theatre 12-15 October 2016


PLUS if you got a taste for improv from last week’s festival you can catch PlayShop LIVE! on Friday and/or Late Night Knife Fight on Saturday.


The New Zealand Improv Festival is at BATS Theatre all this week. See some of the country’s best practitioners and companies in unscripted theatre that’s devised before your face. That’s right – no scripts, no set plays. Here’s how it works – each show will have a frame for the show the improvisers will create.  Sometimes it will be a series of games (classic theatresports), sometimes they’ll ask you for a series of things (name, situation, vegetable etc) and sometimes they’ll just dive straight into the story without asking for anything. Any music or lighting is also improvised.

There’s an impressive line up of 9 different shows.

Improdome – A nightly competitive team show (Tuesday through Saturday)

This one time – An open improv performance (Tuesday through Saturday)

Nothing but the truth – Deliver your verdict – guilty or not guilty? (Tuesday only)

…In bed – Deals with love, sex, and relationships in a truthful, playful, and sometimes silly way. Features adult content (but not like that). (Wednesday only)

The Museum of broken relationships – Inspired by the detritus of romantic relationships. (Thursday only)

Grab bag – Anything could happen as improvisers (and excitable audience members) throw their names in the GrabBag to be drawn at random. (Thursday only)

Death comes to us all –  Explores the delicate balance between life and death (Friday only)

Kiddie time! – Takes the ways kids shows entertain kids and does it for bigger kids. (Friday only)

The circle of sound and story – An improvised performance of poetry, magic, fun and emotion (Saturday only)

Take advantage of these once-in-a-lifetime opportunities* to see actors inspire each other on stage with spontaneous storytelling to delight and amaze you. They might even make you cry.


*improvised remember? It’s different every night.


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