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The local government commission has proposed a reorganisation of the Wellington region, which you can read more about over on the local government commission site.

The regional council is split over the proposal. Perhaps more importantly, according to Stuff, only 26% of Wellingtonians are in favour of the proposal.

We’re not taking a side here at the Wellingtonista, but we do want you to make sure you have your say. There is a word document template you can download and fill in (but you don’t have to use that template especially if you don’t have word) or you can email (or post to Local Government Commission, PO Box 5362, Wellington 6145 if you’re paper-minded). Submissions close at 4pm on March 2, so hop to it. Or  we cobbled together a super easy submission guide (after the jump), based around yes or no answers to questions in the word doc, a submission does not have to take hours. you can just say I want or I do not want.  Submissions are made public but your personal information is removed.

Also, we had an interesting exchange on Twitter with a group that followed us called “Future Wellington” who claim to be a youth-led  diverse group, but if you look at Ted Thomas, Brendan King and Tony Crewdson, what do you see they have in common?  Oh, and eight days ago, the site was basically driving people to Better Wellington which they seem to have removed links to now. The domain for “Future Wellington” is owned by the former Project Manager for the failed INCIS project which was estimated to cost NZD$110,000,000 and by NZ we mean you.

Okay sure, that’s believeable.

On his Legal Beagle blog at Public Address Graeme Edgeler raised another issue that has nothing to do with the merits for or against amalgamation

Important to note here: you know who the Wellingtonista are  and I’m only employed by myself , but I’d like to make it very clear that views here never represent those of my fellow Wellingtonista’s employers, never have never will.

After the jump, we make it easy for you to submit….

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With a large number of the Tuatara brewery staff being based in Wellington it does make sense for Tuatara to start something more centrally so that at least not everyone has to spend a couple of hours everyday driving to Kapiti. Think of the beer that could be brewed in that time! And there will be beer brewing!

The Third Eye, the new premises on Arthur Street, Te Aro, is named after a hatchling tuatara’s parietal eye and has recently been set up by Tuatara – it’s been a good few months in the making and they quietly opened their doors on Friday 20th. There’s 14 taps (not all pouring Tuatara), some seating indoors and outdoors, the Goose Shack food truck will be parked up out back (practically daily) AND… there’s a shiny 500 litre kit that will make beers on an almost weekly basis.

Sexy copper brew kit

Sexy copper brew kit

Scotty Boswell who is going to be running things at The Third Eye and who I was fortunate enough to meet up and chat with told me because the brewery will only be making 10 kegs of beer at a time the brewers using The Third Eye have the opportunity to make more experimental brews. In addition to that Tuatara “are wanting to provide brewing space, not only for already well established breweries looking for contract brewing space, which is increasing in demand, but also homebrewers who are looking at taking that next leap.”

I was told there’d be beers that perhaps don’t fit within an particular style but taste really good. This is awesome news! Tuatara have their standard set of beers that you can get across the country, beers that are fine examples of their respective styles and I know of a number of breweries that make fantastic beers that people love the taste of but don’t win any medals because they don’t fit the particular style requirements.

This desire to push the boundaries and change thinking around beer cannot be a bad thing, right? This Temple of Taste is in an old building that used to be, amongst other things, a gym, a boys school, and a brothel. Probably not at the same time. “As cheesy as it sounds we want this to be a place where you can open your mind to new thinking about beer.”

One rad looking reptile

One rad looking reptile

In an effort to make it seem like I was worthy of being in an establishment where deeper thought and understanding is encouraged, I mentioned a bottle of Son of God I had sitting in my fridge that I was looking forward to sampling at home.

“Son of God? What’s that?”

Oh no, that’s not the name of the beer I have in my fridge! “Ahhmm, sorry not Son of God but… ahhh” I flail, wanting to down my drink and run. Or just run. Or just sink into the ground.

Act of God?”

“Yeah! That’s the one!” glad that Scott could decipher my stumble. While Scott didn’t know what Son of God was we both agreed it’s a pretty great name for a beer. You’re welcome Tuatara! That one’s on me!

Scotty said that Tuatara should “Stick to our knitting. Our craft is beer.” He explained that with the legal obligation to serve food the option of getting someone in to provide food appealed and the relationship with Hadyn Turner of the Goose Shack was confirmed. They’ll be roosting out the back, offering a range of items with some even containing Tuatara beers.

The Goose Shack food truck will be a regular site in the outdoor space offering bites to balance the beer consumption

The Goose Shack food truck will be a regular sight in the outdoor space offering bites to balance the beer consumption

The Third Eye is a pretty exciting addition to the Wellington beer community, one that doesn’t want to just be another bar or restaurant or brewery but all of the above. I think they’re a welcome addition to the Aro area and I look forward to passing by for a pint, eating a sandwich and taking a rigger home for my fridge. I may even be able to pick up a Son of God one day?!

Inside the Temple

Inside the Temple


Theatre review: Brave

by librarykris on February 23, 2015 in Theatre

One of the few shows on in Wellington that are not part of the Fringe Festival, The Brave is showing at the Hannah Playhouse until the end of February. Auckland-based Massive Company have devised a show which explores the question “What is it to be a man in 2015?” Using the same cast that looked at a similar question in 2006’s Up Close Out Loud, it is a fascinating insight into a positive view of masculinity in New Zealand.

‘Positive’ does not mean easy or uncomplicated. It doesn’t mean happy. Instead it is the acknowledgement of personal growth and learning towards positive outcomes for themselves and their whanau. Content ranges from the mundane e.g. ‘I love KFC’ to more serious issues such as abuse, mental health, body image, the ability to be oneself. (It felt like being allowed a sneak peek into their circle of friends. It made me wonder about what lies behind the faces of other men.)

Monologues and shared scenes are interspersed through choreographed sections that hint at the physical language shared by men. Games, complicated handshakes, working out, dance, embraces – they are all part of the way in which men communicate. The physicality works itself into the stories the men tell as well. Some stand apart to speak, others are backed up by one or more of the group. Honesty, and the desire to be truly honest, permeates every aspect of the show.

Every night there is a post-show forum which allows the audience to ask questions and share their own experiences.  The cast and creative team have created a rewarding production which manages to be both hilarious and powerfully affecting.

  • The Brave at the Hannah Playhouse until 28 February 2015.
  • N.B. Tuesday 24 February is koha/pay what you like night, making this show available to everyone.


Dad is visiting China. He leaves older sister Stella in charge of the farm. This is a mistake as she promptly sells it, then scarpers off to Paris to spend the proceeds, leaving little sister Daisy the almost useless blackberry patch. However Daisy is very resourceful and hardworking. She is determined to buy the farm back before their father returns from China. Everything goes well until Stella returns from Paris and wants in on the money…

Renee Liang has translated and adapted a classic Chinese folk tale – The Tale of the Fragrant Farting Man. She has switched the brothers for sisters, and set the beginning of the story in Levin. (Well, it’s a lovely place to Levin in isn’t it?) The farts do not make an appearance until after a shocking act by Stella. This is the catalyst for Daisy’s gassy empowerment. Each of the actors takes great glee in manifesting the farts and it is lots of fun to watch what will happen next.  The set is very much like a pop-up book. Paper props influenced by Chinese folk art and shadow puppets complete the feeling that we are being read a bedtime story. The musician Adam Ogle, provides the sound track which includes a number of familiar musical stings that made the adults in the audience laugh.

Although the story is not always clear, there is great ingenuity in the way the action plays out.  Billed for ages 7+ I think younger children who are used to being read stories will have a fine time as well.

  • Part of the 2015 Chinese New Year celebrations and the 2015 NZ Fringe Festival,  The two farting sisters, on at BATS Theatre until 21 February 2015.


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