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WOW in Wellington for 2015

by Sue Tyler on October 8, 2015 in Art, Events

There is something quite special when The World of Wearable Arts season lands in Wellington. Shop windows transform and restaurants do delightful meal & cocktail specials and the City Council puts on free events around town. Then for almost 3 hours every night those of us lucky enough to see the show are whisked away into a stunningly executed world of imagination and delight.

The garments that make it to the stage are a feast for the eyes and mind, and feature a stunning array of skills and materials to make moveable artworks. The Supreme WOW® Award “Diva’s Dreamscape” by Nelson based designer Peter Wakeman was the ultimate example. Made of stainless steel, wood and fibreglass, it’s strong simple clear lines disguised what in reality is a mind bendingly complex creation.

Diva’s Dreamscape, Peter Wakeman, New Zealand. Photo credit: World of WearableArtTM Ltd

WOW always, always sells out, because it’s always, always an exciting, wonderful show and 2015 was no exception. One thing that’s now happened to me  is the immediate desire to go home and start making things. If you feel a bit of creative inspiration rumbling and think you have a WOW garment inside you (some people have books inside them some of us have WOW garments) information for 2016 entries is available now over at WWOW Entry Kitt – yup they have a whole separate website devoted to the entry process and helping you through it.

If you haven’t had the chance to see the show, or score some of the precious single tickets available each day at the box office from 11am till 2pm. You can take a step back in time and check out a display of garments outside the TSB Arena until 11 October. Or set a reminder to buy tickets for the 2016 Show season which runs from Thursday 22 September 2016 – Sunday 9 October 2016.


Kākā cam

by Alan on October 2, 2015 in Environment

With more and more kākā spilling out of Zealandia and spending their ne’er-do-well days rioting in the neighboring suburbs, there are now nests outside the fence. So the council has set up some nestboxes to keep the new families safe, and in one, they’ve set up a live camera.

Today, the five chicks are only about a week old and growing fast. Right at this very moment Mum has her head tucked under her wing trying to sleep while her brood are all a-cluster of hypnic jerking. Other times they’re on their own, waiting to be fed; and later, while their Mum feeds them, they’re all voracious little fluff bundles. And day by day they get bigger, their feathers starting to show.

It’s all strangely fascinating and involving. We’re especially concerned about the one that’s a couple days growth behind the others; and so we’ve ended up with this on the computer for most evenings, checking in as we pass by.

If this kind of thing also floats your boat, you should check out the competition the Council is running: choose a name for Mum and guess when the first chick will leave the nest! The winner gets to accompany Matt-the-Ranger to the secret nestbox location to check up on the family in person. Entries close before Sunday 11th.

Meanwhile: will the littleist kākā prosper? Or will there need to be an intervention? And does this year belong to the kākā?

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Improv shows are always different depending on the energy of the performers, the prompts they are given, and the energy of the audience. Most of the ones I’ve seen in Wellington have been entertaining. Some are sublime and contain moments of pure theatrical genius. The kind where the whole audience holds its breathe then exhales in delight at what they are seeing.

The typical expectation of improv is that it will be funny but there are many variations and structures for players to use. The New Zealand Improv Festival will showcase them all.  On from 6-10 October, the festival will take over BATS Theatre in five frantic days of original theatre. There are 20 shows and 20 workshops, featuring three companies from Australia, two companies from Auckland, one from Nelson, one from Christchurch and seven from Wellington. (The final show is New Zealand VS The World. I’m expecting to see several of the Wellington crew featured in that based on their talent. Plus there are lots of them.)

Show inspirations range from Wes Anderson to musical improv to genealogy to Orange is the new black. There’ll also be a chance to see improvisors from different companies work together plus solo performances.

If you’ve never seen improv live before then this is a nice way to introduce yourself to it. If you have seen it, well I imagine you’ll already have some tickets. Whether there are ask-fors* or not, I promise you’ll see something unique that will never been seen again.

*where the performers get a suggestion or prompt from the audience.




Halloween Horror close to home

by Joanna on September 28, 2015 in Film

Wellington-made horror film The Dead Room is sure to spook audiences this Halloween.

Based on a true chilling New Zealand story from the 1970s, a psychic and two scientists are sent in to investigate paranormal activity at an Otago farmhouse after its terrified family flees.

Wellington-based actress Laura Petersen, who plays the young psychic Holly Matthews is pressured to stay by the curious scientists, which results in some terrifying scenes.

Check out the trailer and read our interview with Laura below:

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Save Kate – from who?

by Guest September 18, 2015

Walking my daughter to school on Tuesday morning, I was handed a flyer on Lambton Quay – “Keep Kate!”. As kind of a fan of the Kate Sheppard traffic lights, I took the flyer – and saw that they “were under threat of removal” with a link to a petition. I’d sign that! But turning […]

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Into the unknown

by Alan September 16, 2015

The deepest cave system in the Southern Hemisphere is in the Nelson hinterland. How do we know this? Because Kieran Mckay went in and explored it. One of Red Bull’s Explorers of the Century, he’ll be speaking about his experiences and introducing a film about his cave explorations on Saturday evening at Onslow College. “The […]

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Review: The travelling squirrel by Robert Lord

by librarykris September 16, 2015

Bart (Paul Waggot) is a writer who is married to Jane, (Acushla-Tara Sutton). Jane is an actress who is nervous about her job security and therefore is keen to cultivate a working relationship with Wallace (Gavin Rutherford) a gossip columnist. Wallace throws a party where Jane and Bart meet Terry (Andrew Paterson) who can help […]

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Notional Significance: Yellow Earth

by Alf Rune September 14, 2015

[See all Notional Significance posts] Wind-hurried raindrops pelt against the Shadehouse roof, which provides but meagre shelter as I wait out the passing shower. Cold droplets descend through green air into the expectant foliage, maintaining a humid atmosphere to feed a pteridomaniac’s wet dream. In a fern-fevered nation this is an orgy of patriotic symbols, […]

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Back to REALITi

by Tom September 5, 2015

Jonathan King and Chad Taylor’s micro-budget film REALITi, which debuted at last year’s Film Festival, is now available for paid streaming or download on Vimeo On Demand. A dark thriller set in the very near future, REALITi was shot in and around Wellington. One striking aspect (at least for me) was the inventive use it made of local […]

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Black Dog Relief – A Cabaret for Robbie Tripe

by librarykris September 4, 2015

On Sunday 6th September at San Fran, in a one night only performance to raise money and awareness for the Mental Health Foundation, Wellington’s performing arts fraternity band together to honour a beloved friend and colleague. This tribute is their way of honouring a talented member of the performing community, who left us after losing his battle with the Black Dog. Actor Robbie Tripe, […]

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