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The world’s most famous boy band, FourEver, is nearly ready to take the stage for their only New Zealand show. All that stands in their way is each other, their fans, the media, and the ghosts of their dodgy past.”

Stella Reid directs this Young & Hungry play by Finnius Teppett. In her Director’s note she describes the production as a “high-camp, glamorous, hour-long Vine compilation”. It’s pleasing to see young actors commit to their characters and look like they’re having fun on stage and it’s a goddamn delight to see them be confident enough to play with the audience.

Pauline Ward – as journalist Lisa Lubgrub looking for the scoop that will make her career – brings a great physical energy to her character. The three members of FourEver – played by Ben Ashby, Jacob Brown and Oliver Pol – show just the right mix of bickering and support for each other as their alliances and motives change throughout the play. Trae Te Wiki  – as the ambiguous Mimi – is perfectly a mean girl pretending to be nice. Ethan Morse and Jacinta Compton – two lucky FourEver fans, M1 and M2 – navigate the shifting relationship of their characters with great skill.

Costume designer Natasha Thyne keeps things straightforward and uses textured fabrics to create contrast. Isadora Lao’s set and lighting design adds visual depth. In tandem with Patrick Barnes’ sound design Lao’s lighting plays a key part in helping the audience interpret what is happening on stage.

Madcap fun.

NB: This is one of the three plays on at BATS Theatre as part of the Young and Hungry festival. It’s possible to get a discounted season pass to all three so I recommend this option if you have the time.


You possibly couldn’t get more Wellington than heading to the theatre, regardless of the weather, to watch a musical about politics. Last week, I went along to Destination Beehive: 2017, written by the clever and witty duo of Lorae Parry and Pinky Agnew.

The seat of Tinakori Heights is highly contended this election as every party has a candidate standing, but who will take it out? With MPs trying to appeal to the youths, swooning over Seymour, causing a kerfuffle over coalitions and feeling weaken by Winston’s swagger… you’ll be in fits of laughter as you get to know each candidate through song and dance.

There are plenty of familiar faces too –  you’ll be taking a second glace as the actors and actresses pull off some extremely convincing impressions. I personally was the most convinced by the Helen Clark and Grant Robertson impressions.

The show has slick scene and costume changes, simple and effective lighting, fantastic one-liners, unexpected plot twists, and catchy, toe-tapping tunes. I was keen to get my hands on a script – mainly so I could learn the Seymour serenade song and the National Party rap. Obviously.

If you feel like you need some reprieve from the current goings on in politics, Destination Beehive: 2017 probably won’t give you that. But you’ll walk out of the theatre still laughing and possibly wishing that some of the genius script does actually come true this election. Go see it!

Destination Beehive:2017

On until 5 August at Circa Theatre

By Lorae Parry and Pinky Agnew

Directed by: Jan Bolwell


For 24 years Young & Hungry and BATS Theatre have been providing young people with a platform to perform, produce and create great theatre. With the Playwrights’ Initiative producing three new kiwi plays a year and the annual Festival of New Theatre at BATS – Y&H feeds the theatrical hunger and quenches the creative thirst of young people under 25.

The 2017 shows are:

6.30pm – One Night Only by Finnius Teppett & directed by Stella Reid

The world’s most famous boy band, FourEver, is nearly ready to take the stage for their only New Zealand show. All that stands in their way is each other, their fans, the media, and the ghosts of their dodgy past.

8.00pm – Fallen Angels by Emily Duncan & directed by Rose Kirkup

Max Angelis has made his fame and fortune with his reality TV show Max’s Angels. However, beasts and demons are released in his celebrity perfect home when two fallen angels arrive to take revenge and reveal explosive truths about his family. It will be the most heated episode of Max’s show ever.

9.30pm – Attila The Hun by Abby Howells & directed by Patrick Davies

Hello and welcome to Fat Burger, home of the fattest burgers can I take your order? – That’ll be artery clogging food, Tom Cruise, a large order of late night, outrageous customers, a new duty manager who wants to be loved and one of the most barbaric, bloody, burger-baristas in history. A super-sized comedy where the shift really hits the fat. (Wear protection.)


Preview: Project Glow

by Alan on July 11, 2017 in Events, Fashion

At a possibly not-that-secret location in the heart of Te Aro, The Wellingtonista was invited to preview the entrants for this year’s Project Glow. We had to tap on the window to gain entrance, and while there only managed to take the blurriest of photos.

A photo from inside the Project Glow HQ

A photo from inside the Project Glow HQ

That’s because the judges were busy at work; and we browsed through the racks in relative quiet while trying not to overhear the judges’ animated discussions about the nearly 150 entries.

This is the second year Project Glow has been run. It’s for:

talented and aspiring designers to create every day reflective wear for people walking, running, or riding a bike in the hours between dusk and dawn

We saw some up-cycled pieces to covet; some incredible printwork; lots of interesting shapes and forms; and a clutch of nifty knitwear – all of which we tested for reflectivity with our phone lights. It was fascinating, stylish, and even practical; and more than a little bit inspiring.

We enjoyed looking at all the entries. But they’ll truly come alive during the runway show on August 12th in the Frank Kitts Park underground carpark. We’re really looking forward to it!

Project Glow: 7:30pm Saturday 12th August / Frank Kitt’s Park Underground Carpark


Later: The inspiration was a little contagious, and later, at home, I started looking on AliExpress for reflective materials. I’m thinking a few cutouts of purple retro-reflective tape will go nicely on my bike!


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