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Goat isn’t a common menu option here in New Zealand, perhaps sometimes in curry and almost certainly never before seen atop bread surrounded by crumbled tortillas and lime wedges.

But that is now what you can find at HELL Pizza.

The good people at La Boca Loca, the ones that are a Conscious Consumers Business and have been paying their staff a living wage since July 2014, have with the help of a supergroup of awesome have created an incredible pizza: The El Cabra.

It seems the kind heartedness of La Boca Loca is rubbing off on others. HELL, since October this year have made all their chicken and pork free range. That’s a whole lot of Harmony pork and Tegel chicken going onto pizzas around the country, giving consumers comfort that they are choosing humanely farmed products AND making the pizzas even tastier.

HELL are even taking their good spirit outside the kitchen and are now sponsoring the New Zealand Book Awards for Children and Young Adults as well as going into the second year of the HELL Reading Challenge – encouraging kids to read, after Marketing Manager Jason Buckley found out his kids were being bullied for going to the library, with the carrot coming in the form of a 333 Hellthy Pizza.

La Boca Loca, in combination with Martin Bosley, Panhead Brewery and HELL Pizza’s have made a creation that leaves you wondering what more could have been added. At first it seems like one of those dishes of things on/in things that don’t make a lot of snese until you’ve tried it, you know, the turducken, the cherpumple or perhaps closer to home – dipping fries into soft-serve.

El Cabra is a pizza covered with goat slow cooked in Mexican chocolate mole sauce with Panhead Stout, sweetcorn, smoked chipotle mayo, garnished with crumbled tortillas, lime wedges and fresh coriander.

And as if that isn’t exciting enough – HELL restaurants have wee sheets with recipes and instructions so you can make your own mole & smoked chipotle mayo and even details how the goat on your pizza is prepared.

We have three $20 HELL vouchers to give away on Monday evening. All you have to do is tell us in the comment section below: What does El Cabra translate to in English from Spanish.




Last week I encouraged Wellingtonians to get out and support the Phoenix as we attempt to #SaveTheNix

Plenty of people turned up to the stadium to support the team, 13,654 in fact!

How ’bout them metrics FFA?! (Photo courtesy @WestpacStadium)

That’s over double what the Phoenix have had at their last few home games! So: THANK YOU!

It was a fantastic evening of football with the rain staying away and even the wind not getting to blustery. That didn’t stop the Yellow Fever singing “We’ve got the wind, the rain and the Phoenix” with gusto.

With two goals scored in the first five minutes of the game it was a great introduction to those coming along for the first time.

I actually missed the first goal as I was lined up in the seriously long queue for the ‘craft’ (or as I like to say ‘good’) beer stand. Both Tuatara and Garage Project had beer available, and not just their standard offerings: Orange Sunshine from GP (an American style wheat ale with lemon & orange zest) and Outrigger (their seasonal Pacific Pale Ale) from Tuatara. It’s awesome to see Westpac Stadium supporting local brewers and not sticking to the necessarily “safe” options. More choice means more happiness! I know that myself and friends bought 4-8 more beers than we would have otherwise so A+

The highlight of the game was probably this fantastic goal from Roly Bonevacia. This is his second season with the Wellington Phoenix after spending ten years at the famous Ajax Academy in the Netherlands. We can see now exactly why Ernie Merrick (the Phoenix coach) was keen to sign him up to play.

Go back and have another look at that video of Roly’s goal! Look how happy that ball boy in the background is, about 4 seconds in!! I think everyone in the stadium was probably doing exactly that. Except perhaps the 3 Adelaide United fans who trecked across the Tasman to support not only their team but ours as well. They brought with them their own #SaveTheNix sign!

They may be disappointed but we’re stoked they came in support. Photo by Hagen Hopkins from Stuff

For highlights of the whole game look no further than here

This Saturday evening the Wellington Phoenix take on the Western Sydney Wanderers in Sydney. Both teams have equal points on the table, having won three, drawn two and lost one game. The Wanderers have won their last three games on the trot so are hoping to make it four against us. I’m sure we’ll see more #SaveTheNix banners in the crowd at Pirtek Stadium, especially after the new Chairman of the FFA, Steven Lowy, son of the previous Chairman Frank Lowy,  stated in his first press conference that “I don’t intend to elaborate on the Wellington issue right now, but we will in the new year.” This means that the Phoenix’s licence to play in the A-League is still up in the air AND players of the Phoenix could potentially look to move to another team during the upcoming transfer window. Perhaps a team that has a 20 year licence!!

If you’re looking for a great way to spend Saturday evening I can highly recommend yelling at a TV screen in support of the Phoenix, either from the comfort of your own house OR at a local pub which will surely be willing to get in behind the team and help #SaveTheNix.

The game is screening at 7pm on Sky Sport 2


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Pacific Heights – Airborne

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