We CAN do this Wellington!Case in point … why do we not have broadband access to everyone in the (wider) city?

This from Singapore:

Singapore gets free wireless connectivity with Wireless@SG while no one gets left behind in the digital revolution. Find out about how the Singapore Government is reaching out to more Singaporeans and equipping everyone to take full advantage of the digital opportunities that are opening up.

So why don’t we do that?

Is it a case, as some think (in the comments), that the Government should stay out of providing infrastructure and leave it to the private industry (to which I assume they are referring to Telecom or TelstraClear)?

To be fair the Council is doing something about it – read their broadband plan

Wellington City Councillors have agreed to a vision that could see affordable, high-speed broadband access throughout the city by 2012.

But we all know how fast technology moves (have you seen the just announced, 2cm deep Apple MacAir?) and so this promise for 2012 by our Council seems, at best, limited in vision and at worse, a huge missed opportunity. For instance, what we’re promised for 2012 South Korea has had for 3 years.

A possible solution for you after the jump …

Then again, why leave it all up to the Council? Why can’t you and I get our butts into gear and do something about it? Why can’t we work with the Council – something like, they supply the backbone into the areas and the communities wire themselves up from there.


MiramarMike wires up Miramar from a Council laid broadband cable through The Cutting and up Park Road?!? Crickey, how much is MiramarMike on if he thinks he can become a Telco! If TelstraClear can’t make money out it then who the heck does he think he is to attempt such folly?!?

No, not quite what I mean. But try this proposal for size:

  1. The Council lay fibre through the city and out to the suburbs – as is their state plan
  2. Connections to those close to the pipe are made
  3. These connections use something like Meraki* to then extend the network out for the good of the rest of us, FOR FREE

What do you think – need more info, try these to start off with:

We do this ladies and gentleman and this glorious city of ours will be held up high by all that is geek and connected in the world … and you know that would be a good feeling.


* Meraki, in a nutshell:

Meraki’s mission is to bring affordable Internet access to the next billion people. Meraki’s new approach to wireless networking empowers individuals and groups to bring access to local communities, anywhere in the world.

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