Last week saw the quiet but confident debut of the Wellingtonista Radio Show on The VBC. You can listen to an edited version of the show here Wellingtonista_Show_EP01 (right-click, save as), and hopefully we’ll get our podcasting steez together and start publishing the shows as umm.. podcasts.

I’ll be presenting the second show, same time: 7pm – 9pm, tonight.

I’ve had little luck picking up their signal on my radio — which is odd given that I live quite close to the transmitter (I think I’m in the shadow of a hill) — but the streaming feed ( works just fine. The show will go from 7 – 9 pm, NZDT (GMT+13). The studio line is +64 4 463 9994 if you feel like ringing up and abusing/encouraging me.

Things are in their infancy, but expect the show to grow and grow and take on a life and form of its own over the early weeks of the year, with contributions from many of the writers here.

From Tom:

It might be worth pointing out that the streaming link requires iTunes or WinAmp (or other software on other platforms), as it doesn’t work with Windows Media Player.