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Wellingtonista Radio Show ep 02

by stephen clover on January 14, 2008 in Wellingtonista

Last week saw the quiet but confident debut of the Wellingtonista Radio Show on The VBC. You can listen to an edited version of the show here Wellingtonista_Show_EP01 (right-click, save as), and hopefully we’ll get our podcasting steez together and start publishing the shows as umm.. podcasts.

I’ll be presenting the second show, same time: 7pm – 9pm, tonight.

I’ve had little luck picking up their signal on my radio — which is odd given that I live quite close to the transmitter (I think I’m in the shadow of a hill) — but the streaming feed ( works just fine. The show will go from 7 – 9 pm, NZDT (GMT+13). The studio line is +64 4 463 9994 if you feel like ringing up and abusing/encouraging me.

Things are in their infancy, but expect the show to grow and grow and take on a life and form of its own over the early weeks of the year, with contributions from many of the writers here.

From Tom:

It might be worth pointing out that the streaming link requires iTunes or WinAmp (or other software on other platforms), as it doesn’t work with Windows Media Player.

Stephen Clover

Stephen Clover swears too much, drinks too much, and is frequently being sent not-safe-for-work weblinks by his amusing friends. He lives for music and art. He also worships at the same church as Tom Beard.

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