DSC00201 Next in our series of overlooked Wellington public art is this beauty here to the right.

If you’ve not seen it before I’d be extremely surprised, because it’s plonked pretty much squarely opposite the Lido, somewhere seeming to always be awash with punters tipping the usual variety of liquids and solids into themselves.

As you can see, it’s a great piece, bronze, and textured in a marvelously subtle way. The slightly abstract lines just make it all the more curious to look at, and the complete absence of nose-hair suggests the model was extremely well-kempt.

So… what is it?

This bust is called Great Head, and was commissioned in 1986 by the Renouf’s. The sculptor is Terry Stringer, some of whose other work is shown in the link, and more here.

It’s a great piece in one of my favourite parts of town. There’s something distinctly cosmopolitan about that corner of Wakefield and Victoria. Something I wish more of Wellington had!

But one doesn’t complain.