Snapshots of Mount Victoria

A few photos I took as I walked the dog in the Mount Victoria town belt, and of the unveiling of a new living sculpture at the Innermost Gardens.   “A Living Sculpture” On April 3rd, Grant Lyon’s sculpture “Yeah, Nah” was unveiled by Wellington mayor Celia Wade-Brown at the Innermost Gardens in Mount Victoria, at […]

The glorious struggles of the people’s working-class rugby art sculpture

A year and a half ago we were offered a tantalising glimpse of the model of the Weta Workshop-designed Wellington rugby sculpture, noting its resemblance to a provincial junior rugby trophy, a knick-knack gift for a rugby-loving uncle, and a vagina. And then finally the full-size sculpture appeared, tucked away in Jack Ilott Green, that […]

Big Drypnz

If you’re in the market for a real bona fide “Holy shit, look at that!” experience, try heading down to the eastern end of Abel Smith Street, opposite the Southern Cross. Where on the corner of Wigan Street there was once a Tattoo Museum (or this), with an imposing moai on the street front (image), […]

Letting Space on the Terrace

From the public art programme which brought you Kim Paton’s Free Store and Tao Wells’ The Beneficiary’s Office (which both caused significant national media interest and debate) I’d like to present to you: Colin Hodson’s The Market Testament. An entire office building on Wellington City’s The Terrace is to be turned into a work of […]

The rugby sculpture

A proposal was unveiled yesterday for a Weta Workshop-designed rugby-themed sculpture to grace the city, somewhere, In Time For The Rugby World Cup.

The sculpture is highly symbolic, with the DomPost providing a list of all the symbolism, but what does the sculpture most resemble?

A city littered with poetry

Now, everybody has seen the poetry which seems to appear just about everywhere down near the lagoon and around Te Papa, right?

This one took me by surprise though.

Fiona Kidman, Speaking with my grandmothers

It’s Fiona Kidman, and is in such a comparatively out-of-the-way place I literally stumbled across it.

The full text of the poem is here.

But can you guess where the picture was taken?

Homage to Duchamp

Here’s another one of the wee guys in this series of temporary sculptures:

Gargoyle temporary sculpture

Quite an appropriate location, atop the long-abandoned toilets and amid the construction of the new Courtenay Place park.

Solace in the Wind – Max Patte

Say hi to my new favourite statue.

Solace in the Wind

I edited out his privates.

Sculpture Garden

This is one of my favourite places in Wellington:

… and if anyone ever tries to do it harm, as I’ve heard rumours of happening in the past, well… they just better watch out.

Sorry for the crappy photo. Stupid phone. Looks like I also managed to catch a flying rat in full, uh, flight.

Art-Stalker: Man on a mission

Well, you’d really have to know your way around to guess today’s piece just by the photo here.

One of the things I’ve been enjoying is not having to wander too far from the apartment to find some amazing[ly weird] stuff around for you to look at.

This piece is in Jack Ilott Green. You know, the little garden just off Jervois Quay, the one where they’re constantly promising to build something useful. At the moment it just seems to be a refuge for pot smokers.

DSC00209 OK, since I’m keeping you in suspense, here’s the side view!

Yeah, the Wellingtonista are thinking it too. Bloody strange bit of art.

It has this same bias relief on all four sides, and although the entire sculpture seems to be getting a little knocked about it’s still in good form.

Problem is, no-one is certain what in the heck it’s supposed to be. If you have any suggestions, fell free to leave them in comments.

But first! What is it!