Well, you’d really have to know your way around to guess today’s piece just by the photo here.

One of the things I’ve been enjoying is not having to wander too far from the apartment to find some amazing[ly weird] stuff around for you to look at.

This piece is in Jack Ilott Green. You know, the little garden just off Jervois Quay, the one where they’re constantly promising to build something useful. At the moment it just seems to be a refuge for pot smokers.

DSC00209 OK, since I’m keeping you in suspense, here’s the side view!

Yeah, the Wellingtonista are thinking it too. Bloody strange bit of art.

It has this same bias relief on all four sides, and although the entire sculpture seems to be getting a little knocked about it’s still in good form.

Problem is, no-one is certain what in the heck it’s supposed to be. If you have any suggestions, fell free to leave them in comments.

But first! What is it!

Apparently this piece is called Axis of the Gates of Serendipity, and is a Bruce Campbell circa 1997. Good luck finding anything about Bruce on the interweb. With a name like that you might as well be searching for “John Smith”.

Mind you, if you don’t want to be cyber-stalked… good name.