There is a Vigil in Solidarity with the current situation in Tibet tomorrow (Wednesday 19 March) on the steps of Parliament at 5:30pm.

Keith Locke is expected to speak while Tibetans in NZ, and all over the world, their friends and family, Buddhists, supporters of Tibet, human rights advocates, peace lovers, other national governments – including the US, Canda and Australia – are calling for the Chinese government to stop the oppression now.

Chinese authorities are cracking down heavily on protests in Lhasa that began on 10 March. This appears to be the largest uprising in Tibet since 1989, and if unconfirmed reports are true, there may be more Tibetan casualties in the streets of Lhasa than at any time since 1959.

The protest comes at a time of escalating human rights abuses in Tibet, despite China’s promise of improvements in human rights ahead of the Olympics. While political leaders in the US, Canada and Australia are speaking out, New Zealand remains silent. What message does this send to China, the country about to host the Olympic games?