The historic St Peters church, on the corner of Willis & Ghuznee St, is currently on fire.


There are seven fire appliances and one ambulance attending the fire, and just now they seem to have stopped the smoke belching out of the doors and windows. More updates & photos as they come to hand…

19:18 The intersection is closed off, though it’s possible for northbound traffic to turn left from Willis into Ghuznee.

There’s a 3 News crew filming, so TV footage might be available soon.

19:31 The smoke is slowly diminishing, there are no visible flames, and the firefighters seem to be dealing with it very calmly, so it may be just some internal fittings that caught fire. With any luck, there might not be any damage to the historic building itself (Thomas Turnbull, 1879).



19:44 There are now 9 appliances, but things seem to be quieting down. Ghuznee St is still closed between Victoria & Willis, and two northbound trolley buses are banked up on Willis.

19:53 Crisis over, or so it seems: the ambulances have left, and the fire hoses are getting packed up.

20:19 All back to normal now, with traffic flowing through the intersection. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow whether anything important was damaged or destroyed.