There is nothing this girl loves more than checking out jewelry, because hello, it’s mostly sparkly and shiny.

Celebrating that very fact is Shine, a jewelry exhibition with a bit of a twist. Instead of your standard hanging from the walls and encased in boxes exhibit, Shine is a a performance exhibition where contemporary and burlesque dancers, actors and circus performers will all be adorned by the creations of six women jewelers from around New Zealand.


In their own words:

“It will be quite unlike any jewellery exhibition you’ve seen; glowing, luminous works will be presented in context, close to the skin, moving, in conversation with its human environment in a glorious evening of burlesque dance. Streams of pearls, gleaming silver chain-links quivering on skin; feathers tickling just underneath a chin… this is a performance that glorifies beauty, and welcomes the human form in all its shapes.”

When: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, 29 – 31st May, 9pm

Book at the Paramount 04 384 4080

* $30 Adult
* $20 Groups 10+
* $15 Concession