At the top of Cuba Street, opposite Fidel’s and next to a sex shop is what appears to be a crappy little tea room named Chef’s Cafe. You might think that they’re going to try and sell you a pie and a custard square, but you couldn’t be more wrong. See that little sandwich board outside that says “Takeaway Curry $10”? That’s right, this is an Indian restaurant. And it’s good. And it’s insanely cheap*. If you dine in, you’re looking at a cost of around $12.90 for a meat curry, rice and naan. The decor is admittedly nothing at all to look at, but the menu is really extensive and the curries do actually all taste distinctive and tasty, rather than just coming in different colours of the same slop (cough cough Tulsi). Plus, it’s BYO, and not just wine – the corkage on a small bottle of beer is $1, and $2 for big bottles. We really think you should try it out. We would like it to have more patronage. Just not on Tuesday nights, because that’s when we go before the Quiz around the corner at the Cross.

* If you work on the basis that most Indian places charge at least $15 for a curry, and that doesn’t include naan and in some cases doesn’t even include rice.