Last night while the Wellingtonista and FAGs and SAGs (that’s Friends and Girlfriends, and also Sisters and Girlfriends, there were no Partners present) were at Southern Cross quiz, we realised that hey, they don’t give us chipped glasses anymore! That means things have got better since we complained about them. It has also been noted that since we bitched about the decor at the Port Cafe, they have in fact reinstated a cheaper menu for takeaway, which is a good thing. So, to continue on from those great developments, here’s some more suggestions as we strive for perfection.

1. That the Cross gets a $35 wine. We’re bored of drinking the $30 Five Flax, and we feel like the jump up to $40 as the next cheapest wine on their list is too big a jump. We appreciate that their Matariki Cab/Merlot and Ata Rangi Rose are lovely, but we’d settle for something less awesome for less pricey.

2. That Word of Mouth labels its salads. It sucks to queue for ages for what you think is going to be yummy coleslaw with kumara, only to discover that (eww!) there is tuna in the mix. They have a pencil-written list on their wall, with meat, dairy and allergens highlighted, but it does need a lot of peering at to read. And yes, we know they change their salads every day, but really, would it take that long to print out labels and stick them in a little perspex thingie on top of the counter?

3. That Viva Mexico start offering sides. I’d pay extra for guacamole and salsa if I had the option. Also, we’d love them to get a BYO license and extend their hours.

4. In fact, let’s get all of Leftbank a BYO license, and make the centre tables more communal, so groups of people can pick’n mix their dinners. 5. I know this is a very long shot, but can we please have these train-buses too?