Finally Wellington gets its own MySpace Secret Show, and what a show it is – NZ’s own world-class, world-famous, worldly-wise electro rappers, masters of the mellow-drama and hip hopera Coco Solid play for free at an as-yet-undisclosed Wellington venue (that’s the secret, duh) next Wednesday (18th). They also have a psychedelic kaleidoscope of a new video on their MySpace page for their new single ‘Electrik Love’; it’s made by Aleks Sakowski who also made the overwhelmingly brilliant ‘Crimefighters’ vid – which I feel compelled to include here as it’s my absolute fave and it wins people over like nothing else:

More Coco love, and details on how to get into the gig, after the jump:

Coco Solid are something of an extended family, reuniting for the first time since Erik Ultimate moved to Wellington, leaving Coco & DJ Han Baby in Auckland, and producer ALC5 in Wanganui (incidentally, Al runs a venue out of his Wanganui flat that’s seen local and international acts jam into the lounge room with about 15 audience members for some amazing live shows).

There’s so much that could be said about the brilliance of Coco and Erik’s lyrics, style, and the mastery of their audio-visual vision, but really you just need to hear them (or better yet, see them) once and you’re hooked. There’s nothing quite like Coco crooning “you walk with a limp, like a cripple not a pimp – yeah, you’re jealous” and other such on-the-money killer observations, to make you go ‘O SNAP’ and sing it to yourself all day. The girl is like the local Larry David when it comes to socio-political awkwardness distilled into lyrical genius – for further proof, visit Auckland’s blog site The Wire, where Coco has just started to write her own blog.

Visit their Myspace page to hear tracks from the new double album, The Radical Bad Attack, and befriend Secret Shows on MySpace to find out the secret venue and get into the free gig.