In my younger, larval days, I was known to frequent certain bars where a band who dared to play a displeasing song could expect to find a bottle flying their way.

But I wasn’t expecting to experience a retro blast-from-the-past of glass-throwing in the plush environs of Mighty Mighty.

But there I was, working my way through MM’s splendid new cocktail menu and enjoying the sci-fi electronica of Kazaam Blam, when suddenly an otherwise respectable looking young lady sitting nearby picked up a cocktail glass and hurled it at the space-suited Kazaam Blam frontman, breaking the visor of his costume.

A ripple of shock and furrowed brows spread across the dance floor. Who did this? And why? Was it an expression of rage against the synth? Was it a manifestation of extreme artistic differences? Or was it a clever stunt, carefully timed to happen in the last song?

The perpetrator was tracked down and the story came out – apparently she threw the glass because she thought the audience, not the band, was being boring.

Ah, in that case, the next time I visit Mighty Mighty, I will wear my bondage trousers and bring along a portrait of the Queen at which I shall flick the fingers. Oi.