Yeah I know, I’m a disgusting pesky fly. But just because I slurp food off the plate with my proboscis doesn’t mean I should have to pay full price when I have a handy-dandy gold entertainment card to get a free meal.

Here’s how it went down… we went to Finc on a Friday night – for the simple reason that it is in the Entertainment Guide. We ordered two mains both worth around $34 each and an entree for $8. The deal in the Entertainment Guide is:

“you and your guest are invited to enjoy one complimentary main course when another main course of equal or greater value is purchased. Up to $30.00 value”.

We were told that as our mains were both over the value of $30 we would receive NO discount. When we also asked them why was the entree not taken off we were told that we did not intend to have this as a main so they would not discount that either.

While we were trying to discuss with the owner he was rather rude and tried to put the blame on me not reading the terms and conditions of e-book properly or pass the blame onto e-book not making the rules clear enough.

This was, however, balls. We used the gold card last year at Finc and we received the discount in the same situation.

When we asked the owner why this had changed he said he decided this year he would change how he interpreted the offer and it would be different. He also told me I had to see it from a business point of view and that if everyone came in with an entertainment card in one night he would go out of business. (Cue violins)

Perhaps he’ll go out of business faster by pissing off folks (and flies).

In conclusion, this Arthropod is not impressed with Finc and their cockdiscount-blocking. I would warn Entertainment book users to be wary of being misled.

And if all else fails, we could organise a flash mob (do people still do that?) in which we all use our gold cards and see what happens.