Apologies for the incoherence, but this fly’s report cannot help being rendered in a burst of overexcited sentence fragments with gratuitous exclamation marks.

Tropical cocktails! Shimmery dresses! German covers of The Monkees! Omnisexual pan-ironic hipsters! Six-foot-four drag queens wearing yellow balloons! Wildly abandoned rock’n’roll dance moves!

Burlesque beauties! Trilbys and fezzes! Tribal masks! Tattooed cleavage! Severely beautiful Nordic cougars who grab men and say “I am Sonje. This my husband. He watch us dance”! Cigarette holders! Exotic foliage! Faux-fur bow ties!

So, where is this place? No, seriously: I can’t remember, and I’m afraid I dreamed the whole thing. Please tell us!