If you haven’t been down to Breaker Bay lately to get yourself a lump of whale oil (I’m not sure what’s more disgusting – whale vomit or the bile that the same-named blog splurts out) and you’re not the type to buy such a thing on trademe, the Wellingtonista would like to make the following cheesy suggestions:

  • “I nominate that Mexican place down Left Bank that did that diabollically cheesy thing (quesadilla?) I had that one time. It was like a cheesy soup. I believe I stared death in the the face. The delicious, plasticy face.”
  • “The ooozy oozy brie as part of the fantastic antipasto at Gusto in Petone
  • Any cheese from the Dutch Shop in Petone (but I have a particular fondness for the cumin gouda)
  • Fromagerie at Kirk’s
  • Truffle (small but interesting selection)
  • Saganaki (ouzo-flamed Greek cheese) at Duke Carvell’s
  • Quattro Formaggio pizza at Scopa (and no doubt elsewhere)
  • Chow’s blue cheese & peanut wontons
  • “Oh, and Arbitrageur has some fantastic cheeses to chose from for their antipasto selection.”

So there’s a few starting points for you. Just don’t get too cheesed off if you have crazy dreams afterwards…