Double Meat Is Double SweetTemperance Bar might not be doing quite as well as it hoped, because they’re offering 2-for-1 mains on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays in their ads in the Capital Times. You can "Choose any menu item of our menu and receive another of the same or lesser value for free." Y’hear that? Any menu item of their menu!

Meanwhile The Establishment clearly feels threatened because they’ve been running an ad right next to it stating that they offer 2-for-1s every day but they don’t have any sign of their special on their annoying music-playing site (Seriously, who still does that? Is it still 1999? Is Flash still cool?). If their 24 hour liquor license wasn’t enough of a threat to society, they also offer a 1.2kg steak – which if you can finish within 40 minutes, you dine for free. Yeesh.

If that’s not yet enough meat for you in the meat-market-district, Four Kings offers "All you can eat ribs" for $19.95 on Monday nights. 

Yikes. I think it’s time we did a review of Prannah and maybe Higher Taste.