The Greens have just launched their new Wellington Transport Plan, complete with Green MP Sue Kedgley as their Wellington Transport Spokesperson.

Wellington has a pretty kick-arse public transport system as it is, with a well used network of buses, trolley buses, trains and the good ol’ cable car. So what plans do the Greens have for the future?

In short, their plans involve: better walking, more cycling, cheaper buses, light rail, expanded trains, trolley bus love, and useful bus stops. And then there are other ideas, like encouraging people to work from home and shop online, and rethinking those mammoth planned roadworks.

Personally, I’m excited by the idea of turning the Melling train line into light rail that will extend into a loop through Lower Hutt. That’s right, you’ll be able to get the train to Queensgate without a massive walk. Wow, just like a proper grown-up city!

It will be interesting to see what plans, if any, the other parties have for Wellington’s transport.