The International posterClive Owen has his second big film of the year in cinemas now, following the romantic-thriller Duplicity in March. The International is a full-time thriller about an international banking conspiracy and it’s directed by Run Lola Run‘s Tom Tykwer. Naomi Watts plays second-fiddle. What happened to her career? Readings, Sky City Queensgate and the Empire, Island Bay.

All the other releases this week go straight to the art-house: 2008 Cannes-winner The Class gets a season immediately after headlining the World Cinema Showcase (Paramount), as does The Grocer’s Son, about a young French waiter forced by his father’s illness to return to rural Provence and run the mobile grocery van – a situation about which he is not happy. Penthouse and Lighthouse Petone.

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Wilby Wonderful hails from Canada and has taken a good five years to make it to Wellington. Notable mainly for an early performance from Juno ‘s Ellen Page, this film is about a group of idiosyncratic locals (and guests) living on a small small island named Wilby. Paramount exclusive.

The Australian film industry is in disarray at the moment – their entire non-Australia slate from 2008 made less money at the domestic box office than Second-Hand Wedding made here. They’re not making bad films necessarily but the super-indies that are getting made are not finding an audience. Thanks to Kate at the Paramount a few of them are making it across the ditch (The Jammed was a good example from last year) and this week they open Men’s Group. Described as "revelatory and uplifting" by IndieFilm Magazine in Australia, the film has picked up a few awards including Best Digital Feature (SPAARTA). Any good? I’ll be reviewing all of the above in the Capital Times next Wednesday (and online at Funeral & Snakes soon after).

If you’ve seen any of these feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.